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SAI2 in development



Systemax has decided to seize further enhancement update on SAI and shift towards SAI2 development.

Because SAI would abandon some of the planned features, SAI2 will be offered free for previous license owner. However SAI will still be updated/supported for bugs and issues.


- 64bit

- Multicore Support

- Unicode

- Canvas Size up to 10,000x10,000 (for 32bit) / 100,000x100,000 for 64bit

Brush Highlight:

- Anti-alias quality improvement (Can be adjusted as well)

- Brush Size up 5000

- Speed up water brush operation

LAYER Highlights:

- Capable of 8190 layers

- Simultaneous operation on multiple layers

New Features:

- Ruler

- Perspective Ruler (support for 1~3 points perspectives)

- Font tool

Note: Not all features are listed hereā€¦

For further info visit Systemax webpage, you can try the very early preview (Progress report version).


Binary Head by LoliGoddessvia anipan
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